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Chipping Sodbury Scroll Issue 84 - November 2019

November 2019 Scroll Reports - Issue 84

First reports in for November scroll, more to follow when they come in. Click link below to read the full scroll.

Thursday Beavers

As if the Beavers wasn't presented with enough badges at the end of last term they have been super busy working on lots more. Sorry for all the sewing parents!

We started off the term making paper mache volcanos, painted them and had great fun making them erupt, not everyone was very keen on the smell but the mess was good.

We are also working hard on the World Challenge badge. We have been learning about people that help up in the community, including a visit from the RLNI to teach us the important work they do and how to stay safe around and in water. We have lots more fun trips and people visiting us coming up next term.

As well as the people in our community we have been learning about the country that we live in and which ones make up the united kingdom. we have been playing traditional games, trying food and making things from each country.

We finished the term with a Halloween party, the beavers enjoyed dressing up and playing themed games as well as making handprint bats.


Wednesday Scouts

The start of the term has seen us out and about practicing our map reading and walking skills.

We have learnt all about grid references, map legends, contour lines and walking in the dark, as well as which is our left and right. All this practicing was for the Sodbury Challenge, a 5 hour night hike. It was a very wet night, but they all gave it their best go and tried really hard, despite the miserable weather they collected 225 points before unfortunately dropping out and not completing the Challenge.

We all had a go at making a traditional scout recipe of armpit fudge. Its a no cooking recipe to make 'fudge' in a ziplock bag. The end result may have looked questionable but actually tasted quite good.

We kindly had a team come in to run some STEM activities with us, they are based around science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We all had lots of fun joining in and may have even secretly learnt something during the evening, even the leaders!
Using large building materials we worked on our team building and problem solving to work through and complete missions. We especially enjoyed building catapults and see which group can fire thier ammo furthest across the hall.

We finished the term with a Halloween party involving a snakes and ladders game with terrible food challenges for going down snakes, pig ears (dried pear) eye balls (mozzarella) sheep poop (prunes) giants bogies (raw sprouts). We then decorated cupcakes and played a few other games to finish the night.


Thursday Scouts

Hi All.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and the autumn is treating you well.  Since returning from Summer camp back in June we tried to be outdoors as much as possible.  We did a rotation of three activities.  Archery, shooting and canoeing.  The archery and shooting took place at the field and the canoeing at Saltford.  All the scouts did really well and hopefully all had a great time.  Many thanks to Stu, Ben, Dan, Paul and Chippy for running the activities.
After the summer holidays we focused on navigation and map work in preparation for the Sodbury challenge.  This involved a night in the hut learning about maps and how to read them.  A night outside putting what they'd learnt into practice and repeat.  Hopefully the map work and navigation sank in for all not just those doing the Sodbury challenge.  When the challenge came we had two team that took part and despite both not being able to finish (running out of time) they both did well and managed to not get too lost and find their way around.  I'm particularly proud they did this in the heavy rain and did not quit.
After the half term we will have a day's cycling in the Forest of Dean and then spend the next 5 weeks doing some cooking, master of arms and art.  Hopefully an enjoyable term for the scouts.
As always a massive thank you to  Ben, Dan, Chippy and Paul for all of their help.