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1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group scouting in Chipping Sodbury, Yate & Wickwar since 1914

Chipping Sodbury Scroll Issue 82 - March 2019

March 2019 Scroll Reports - Issue 82

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Chairman's Bit

A belated happy new year to you all, I know Christmas feels like an age ago already but I would like to thank the explorers for putting on an excellent Christmas meal for all the leaders and exec committee members back in December.

Last year we finally had the planning permission granted to enable us to build a store up at our centenary field. Hopefully “Pete Milton” the owner of West Country Development Ltd, will be able to get the concrete base completed soon so that we can construct the building before the summer. Pete is a great supporter of our group and has done a lot of building work for the group over the years and we would like to thank him for all he has done.
We have purchased the storage unit for the field and it is currently in “flat pack” form and is taking up a lot of space in the garage, it will be good to move it up to the field and free up room in the garage.

We are sure that all sections will make good use of the field this year and that it will prove to be a great asset to our group.

Our group continues to thrive and I am sure all sections will have an enjoyable new scouting term.

Stuart Wilsmore
Group Chairman


Monday Cubs

In September, we started back with wide games near HQ and hikes across the common, as we tried to make the most of the last bit of the good weather and light. We spent an evening outside learning how to use maps, grid references and compass, whilst our Young Leaders helped our older Cubs entering the Sodbury Challenge in October, with coordinate plotting and basic orienteering.

As our Pack was entering the Supreme Box Kart Championships, we spent an evening making and racing Balloon Karts from drinks bottles, which provided lots of challenges for our budding modelmakers specially to get the ‘cap’ wheels to work, but they found a solution, races were held, and a winner announced. We asked the Pack to design a T-shirt for the karting comp, it was very hard to choose between the designs – congratulations to Reece who came up with a fab winning slogan. T-shirts were printed for the racing team and their ‘pit’ crew, which they wore with pride at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in a very sunny Sussex at the end of September.

Described as “the UK’s number 1 Cub Scout Box Kart Championship” we found ourselves competing with other Cubs from all over the country and Northern Ireland. Our team of six Cubs together with our very noisy support crew turned in a stunning first-time performance, which amazed regular competitors of the event as we finished the heats with a very high score having only lost 1 race and were placed into the final 16 knockout round. We were unfortunate not to be placed, but the Cubs won a trophy and had the most amazing experience. They could not have done it without their fantastic fellow Cub supporters. Thanks to George, Bill and Alex for their additional support – we couldn’t have done it without you either! Everyone had such a fun weekend which included borrowing 1st Southbourne Sea Scout hut, a paddle in the sea and proper seaside fish and chips. Yum! We’re eagerly awaiting the entries to open for 2019 and have plans for making our own kart, so watch this space!

In October, our group runs the Sodbury Challenge: an overnight orienteering exercise held in the Sodbury/Wickwar/Rangeworthy area. Scouts, Guides and Explorers compete in the event, but our Cubs can take part accompanied by leaders. Our Cubs love competing in this and really push themselves to the limits walking well over 10 miles within the 5-hour time limit. We ensure they are well prepared in the lead-up, they never fail to amaze us and make us so proud of their achievements. We hope it inspires them to compete with their fellow Scouts out on their own in following years.
Appreciating our community and environment is an important part of our programme. Our pack spent an evening thinking about recycling and how we could recycle the rubbish they produce at a camp or on a Pack night – very thought-provoking ideas and posters were produced. Our occasional visit to Chipping Sodbury High Street to do some clue solving and make sure we hadn’t forgotten where the chippy was located, was very much ‘appreciated’ too.
As the nights ‘turned in’, we did some fire lighting and played wide games in the woods hiding and seeking glowsticks. The Cubs created designs for a ‘Monday Cubs Camp’ badge for them to earn and sew on their campfire blankets. They spent another evening sewing badges onto uniforms and blankets with the help of our parent volunteers. A visit to Yate Pets at Home store, helped them earn part of their Animal Carer Activity badge. We are in the process of getting the winning badge design woven, with the help of Dan Swaine (thanks Dan) and will be announcing the winner once we have taken delivery of the badges. Watch this space!
2018 was the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the Great War. Our Group marked the occasion by turning out in force and very smartly dressed for the annual Remembrance Parade in Chipping Sodbury. We’d been delighted to welcome Baloo’s husband Will a few weeks beforehand, to give the Cubs some tips on marching smartly as they love to copy the Air and Army cadets they follow in the parade. 29 Cubs from our Pack turned out to remember those who sacrificed so much for them and they behaved so respectfully. Thank you for making us proud and remembering this important event.
In preparation for Christmas and our annual trip to Nutfield House sheltered housing in Filton, the Cubs made orange pomanders decorated with cloves and ribbons as presents for the residents and practiced carols – the hut smelt lovely! Baloo told them about the traditions of Christmas in the Netherlands and had made each of them a biscuit of their first name initial, which is part of the gifts that Sinterklaas leaves the children.
We finished the term learning a new game from China and some more familiar ‘chocolate’ related relays. Our usual visit to the pantomime before Christmas took place in early January, which you’ll hear about in our next update …. Ohhh yes you will!
Thanks to our parent volunteers and to our Cub leadership team of Leaders and Young Leaders, who make all our program possible and fun. Happy 2019 everyone x

GSL's Report

Welcome to another year and already a lot of the sections have had days or weekends away. We continue to be an active and successful group and it’s thanks to our dedicated team of leaders.

A fair few members have just started in new sections and are experiencing new adventures, making new friends and learning new life skills. 

Please, Please, Please can I remind you to log in the OSM or contact me direct to advise if you have a preferred night for your child’s next section.
A number of people have been disappointed and have had to leave the group because we did not know their choices in advance. I cannot guarantee you a place but it does help in planning.

I will also be contacting you all again soon via OSM to update your GDRP details as they now have some new options installed which makes it clearer what you are happy for us to hold.

We had a successful maintenance and planting weekend at the campsite back in November. We planned over 300 bushes and trees. Repaired fences and cut back some of the trees.

We are still looking to recruit leaders into the group. We are particularly looking for Scout and Beaver leaders so if you feel you could offer some help in supporting our very successful team please drop me a line. 
There is full training available and our teams would really welcome the extra help and support. 

Nick Cook

Friday Beavers

Friday beavers have been busy with many different in and outdoor activities since September. The beavers are involved in the planning for the colony with our log chew meetings at the start of each term.
We have had cooking evenings with, Fairtrade food, making cakes and biscuits to raise money for the guide dogs. We completed the community impact and global issues badges. During the autumn we also spent evenings learning about disabilities and finding out how simple activities in life can be a real challenge to some people.
The beavers completed their health and fitness badge with a series of activity evenings. They did circuits of activities, walks and we had a fantastic evening with Deer’s friend who ran an exercise session for us.
As ever, the colony turned out very smartly for remembrance parade and did us all proud with their exemplary behaviour. At Christmas, the beavers enjoyed a window hunt looking for Christmas decorations, in Chipping Sodbury high street.
Since Christmas, we have lost two beavers to cubs and gained three new beavers. We also now have two explorers working with us and another young person. They are all a great addition to the team.
During January, we have made soup, had a challenge evening, celebrated Chinese New Year and panned for gold.
Thank you to Squirrel, Deer, Hawk, Fox and Lily for your hard work each week.
BSL-Badger (Sally)


Thursday Scouts

After the summer break we started work on the Sodbury Challenge training.  This involved the scouts re-learning their navigation and map reading skills.  We split our time between being in the hut learning map skills and outside putting them into practice.  All did well and the scouts that took part in the challenge did well and had a great time.

After the half term we broke into three groups.  Master of Arms, cooking, and model making.  All groups did really well.  The cooks produced exceptional food.  Masterchef look out!  The Master at Arms really improved their shooting skills and hopefully we have some future shooters to represent the group in county competitions.  The model makers also did very well with some very creative designs as well as very well-made standard models. 

During this half term we had our annual frost camp at Tintern.  This year we were blessed with good weather which was mild too.  We hiked on the Saturday and practiced our fire lighting and backwoods cooking on the Sunday.  All the scouts managed to light fires from scratch and cook their lunch so a massive well done to them all.  To finish the term and year we went to Cribbs Causeway and did an evening of ice skating.  Great fun.

Also, a huge welcome to the new scouts.  I really hope you all have the most fantastic time with us?

Finally, a massive thank you to the other leaders, Ben, Dan, Chippy, Paul and James.  We could not run without your help.  Thank you.  I’m incredibly grateful for all of your help.

Paul Banyagi-Mugenyi