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Annual General Meeting Report 2014

Group AGM 2014 - Tuesday 8th July - 7:30pm

This year's AGM takes place at the Scout Hut on Tuesday 8th July at 7:30pm. The AGM Report is now available to view here. This year there will be a BBQ after the Agm has finished.

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Welcome to 1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group, AGM Scroll for 2014.

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th July starting at 7:30pm. It would be good to see the parents and guardians of our beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers, and get feedback on how you consider the group is running whether that is good or bad! It is also an opportunity for anyone to raise any issues that they may have either about the financial side or how the group is run with the executive committee and leaders.

For the evening we will be putting up all the old photos that were on display for the centenary weekend, so if you missed them this will be your chance to have a look. After the AGM, weather permitting we will also be having a barbecue, all are welcome to join us.

What an incredible year it has been for us. Our centenary weekend was exceptional; I would like to thank everyone for their huge efforts and for giving up their time to make it such a great event, even the weather was kind. All the youngsters were extremely well turned out and took part with the whole event with great enthusiasm, we could not have asked for better. The whole event made me feel proud to be part of such a fantastic group.

To assist with the celebrations we also had lots of kind donations from individuals, and local companies, and our thanks goes out to them as well.

Now into our 101st year the group continues to thrive, all sections are well supported and we have a long waiting list for youngster’s eager to join us. It would be nice to reduce the waiting list but we only have limited facilities and these are being used to the full.

As always I would like to thank all leaders, assistants, and the executive committee for all their hard work over the last 12 months, and again a special thanks to our hard working GSL- Nick Cook, he spends far more time that is reasonable looking after the affairs of our group and had been working on the centenary celebrations for the last 2 years.

Stuart Wilsmore
Group Chairman




GSL Report



Welcome to our groups 100th AGM. This booklet contains the reports from the sections and is a brief outline of the groups activities over the year. If anyone has any comments or wishes to raise anything and you are unable to attend an informal AGM please either contact myself or Stuart. It would however be nice to see some of you there this year and to join us for a BBQ afterwards.

Can i start by saying a big thank you to all the parents and children for their fantastic turn out for the parade and march. The appearance and behaviour was outstanding and made us all very proud! We have been inundated with letters and emails from the general public commending our group for its display and show on the day.

We had over 300 visitors to the camp on the Saturday and it was a great opportunity for parents and the public to see what we at Chipping Sodbury Scouts do. Many were amazed by the amount of equipment we own and activities we are able to put on for the youngsters. This is why we are such a popular group and why the waiting lists are so long. We have obviously over the years had our ups and downs but in the most I like to thing they are up's and this is how our success has grown. Many ex leaders and members also  were amazed by our growth  and wealth of activities available to the membership these days.

If any of this has inspired you to come and help please do get in contact with me as we are in need of a few more people in each section to help with the sections. I am more than happy to discuss with no obligation what is needed and see if you are able to help in any way. So please drop me a line This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Moving on from the success of this I am now hoping to grow our activity base by  trying to find a site locally we can either buy or lease for camping, camp fires, backwoods cooking and things like that , where we could meet in the summer evenings and weekends. When I started in Sodbury scouts the HQ was on the outskirts of Chipping Sodbury and we were able to play in the woods, Pond, field along side of the HQ. We used to light fires, build bridges and leave them up to finish the following week, but none of this is possible now. Houses all around us complaining as soon as we light a BBQ, Vandals, damaging things if left them out etc. So if any of you know of or own some land locally I would be interested in speaking to you about possible use by the group  for development of a group site.

I have produced a centenary Scroll which is a A4 booklet with many pictures of the centenary celebrations. These are available for collection from the HQ office upon request. As they contain lots of pictures and has cost a bit to produce we are
only handing them out if you ask as we don't want them just left out in the car park or through away. They are  also available on the website if you wanted to print your own.

Moving on the group continues to  thrive with more people wanting to join than we could ever possibly take on. The sections continue to be very active and do lots of interesting things as you will read later in this book and previous scrolls. This summer term is particularly active  with lost of things happing away from the HQ. For this to continue we need your continued support. Please if you can spare any time to help or would consider being a leader ir instructor contact me for a none committal chat. I thank all the leaders for there continued support, especially this year as i have  probably been a bit more pushy than usual with my expectations.

I would like to finish this report by thanking the following companies for there support in helping the Centenary event to happen as well as the parents of Monday and Tuesday Cubs for fundraising to purchase our new flags.  A special  thank you to  Mrs Newman and her team  who looked after out VIP’s at the HQ in the morning and hosted lunch. You did us proud and the letters of thanks continue to come in. And finally the Watson family for the  use of their farm for two weeks. Without them the event would not have been the  success it was.

Sponsors of the Centenary event were

The Watson Family for the Venue

King Pin Electrical    
Andrew Gibson - Emergency Response Systems     

Merlin Housing Society
Andy McGrellis                   

Burgess Salmon Charitable Trust

Craig Keogh

Rolls Royce
C & G Tool & Cutter Co Ltd. (Colin Hill)        

Tool Design & Manufacturing Co Ltd (Mike Fox)
J T Appleby                       
D & D Shoe Repairs

Tony Bridgeman        
E R Hemmings

Town Land Charities

Town Lands Trust

Derek Forward (Letterboxing)
James Dyson charitable trust

Laurie Cook for the Photography


Nick Cook. GSL.



Monday Cubs


The focus for everyone in our Group this year was of course, the centenary celebrations which we celebrated with a group camp in May. The weather in the week before the camp was awful and the leaders all got soaked whilst making the necessary preparations, but the weekend of the camp itself was greeted with glorious sunshine and all of the cubs had a fantastic time, climbing, abseiling, shooting air rifles and arrows, making kites, exploring the assault course, canoeing, orienteering, pioneering and tracking. We had a group campfire around which the cubs sang their hearts out, put on a fab performance for our section (as did all the sections), before collapsing into their sleeping bags. Some of them even briefly slept! I have already thanked the families of Monday Cubs that not only helped us with this fantastic camp, but helped us organise and raise the funds for our new Standards. Thank you from Monday Cubs to all the other families from the group that may have contributed towards these or who got stuck in, volunteered, enjoyed themselves in the process and  helped us succeed in pulling off an unrepeatable camp. On behalf of Monday Cubs I would like to say a huge thank you to Nick Cook, our centenary team and our leaders  for all of their efforts and attention to detail. It was an amazing weekend for all involved and one that will be cherished by many for years to come.
Throughout the year we have kept the cubs busy with a very full programme of visits earning badges or parts of them along the way. Visits from a local animal rescue sanctuary and police helped with parts of the Community Challenge badge whilst a visit from experts in the martial art of Tang Soodo inspired some, whilst completing the Fitness Challenge badge for others. We visited @Bristol for our amazing Cubs Space day, completing our Astronomers and finished our Entertainers @ the pantomime, Cinderella at the Bristol Hippodrome.  Our program is always covering at least one aspect of a badge – even our games!
We try to get the cubs outdoors whenever possible, regardless of the weather. We have hiked and played Wide Games outdoors in Lower Woods, the common and our locale; walked the Heritage Trail in Chipping Sodbury; taken part in our Group’s annual Sodbury Challenge event; learned to pitch patrol tents; constructed zip-wires to transport eggs and bags of flour with varying degrees of success – the messier the better!
When we have been forced to stay indoors at HQ we have played “favourites” such as Battleships, designed and cooked menus, learned or shared magic tricks and learned about people from other cultures around the world. We have had a totally chocoholic evening, learnt about first aid and camp hazards to name a few more.
We stayed in cabins at Tintern in October where we had a medieval camp – feasted, jousted, created shields and constructed ballista's. Earlier this year we stayed in Wellington Scout HQ whilst we visited the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm
Museum, made paper airplanes, flew kites, built dens by the Wellington monument and earned our Air Activities badge. Oh and we couldn’t resist investing Badger (who we borrow from Friday Beavers on occasion) in front of Concorde – thank you for your help Badger.
We are very lucky to have welcomed Chil – Debbie Swatton just over a year ago to our pack – wow doesn’t time fly. We now have 3 uniformed leaders in our pack, all work full time and would welcome anyone interested in helping us out on a pack night or camp – get involved - come along!
Our cubs have earned a number of badges this year and seemed to have enjoyed themselves in the process. None of this would have been possible without the efforts and dedication of our leaders, Young Leaders and parent helpers. Special thanks go to Chil(Debbie Swatton), Raksha(Michelle Keeping), Hathi(Sam Bennett), Kaa(Dan Robinson) and Shere Khan(Niamh Bowyer). We’ve all had a fantastic time with the Cubs, they make it worth every effort and we look forward to new and still better experiences in the year ahead.

Akela (Sharon Cross)




Tuesday Cubs

The Football World Cup is about to kick off and it’s sunny outside!
In fact it was sunny this time last year and at cubs we were also being sporty, playing Frisbee and Tag Rugby. Let’s say Rugby was the easier but they did have difficulty in remembering to pass the ball backwards.
Have you ever spent time thinking about where your water comes from? As part of the Global challenge we spent a couple of evenings looking at areas of the world that don’t have clean water and the effect it has on the people that have to live everyday with dirty water. The posters made by the cubs showed the impact it had.
Making the most of good weather, the cubs brought their bikes to take part in the Cyclist badge. They went for a ride and all made it back safely in time for the following week mending punctures and general bike maintenance.
During the last few weeks of the term we took the cubs fire lighting and cooking. A lot of them had never lit a match before, some were eager, some less so. However, there was no hesitation when it came to eating the sausages.
The term finished with what has become our annual barbeque and cubs v parents football match; this time the parents sneaked it with a single, fluky goal. Revenge beckons this year!
Having finished the summer term with a parents versus cubs football match, we started again in September with another football match, this time Aussie Rules Football.
One of the parts for the Fitness Challenge is a try a new sport so we were pleased that one of the teachers from Brimsham School was able to come and show the cubs how to play this new sport. A bit like rugby more than football, we practised the key moves for a bit and then had a match. Why is it that all the moves learned in the practice seem to disappear in a match? Who cares, the cubs enjoyed it and found out a bit about the football game down under.
Round the world in 80 minutes! Well, four countries anyway. The cubs made a passport, boarded an aeroplane and flew off to visit, Morocco, Japan, Mexico and Australia, finding out about each on their travels. Finding out about different countries and cultures is part of the Global Challenge which a lot of the cubs have now achieved, the remaining cubs will complete it soon with just the odd thing to do.
In October is the Sodbury Challenge, a night orienteering competition. In preparation for this we usually do the Map Readers badge for the older cubs who are invited to enter. Not having enough for a full team last year, this year we had two teams and they did extremely well. It was a tough challenge but then that is the idea, a challenge. Not only did they get their Map Readers badge, they also got their Hikes activity badge. The younger cubs managed to get their Navigators badge and later this year will do the Map Readers badge and get the chance to try the Sodbury Challenge.
Either side of the half term break we completed the Communicator badge. The cubs used different methods of communication and had a go and the British Sign Language. They learned how to do the alphabet and then practiced signing their names and then moving on to try other words and phrases.
Remember , remember the 5th of November …. Bonfire night fell on a Tuesday this year so finding out about Guy Fawkes seemed a good thing to do. Did you know his name was Guido or that he was not the leader of the gang, just the explosives expert? It was interesting to learn about the detail and that the cellars of the Houses of Parliament are still searched on the evening of November 5th today.
Moving towards Christmas we spent a few weeks rehearsing for what turned out to be a very good Christmas Service for the parents. The cubs had rehearsed a couple of plays, some formed a band, a couple read a story and they included the prayers they had written as part of the Promise Challenge. They all performed really well and gave their families an enjoyable evening, as well as marking off part of their Entertainment badge.
January saw us get back to some of the traditional basics of scouting, knots and pioneering. The cubs learned a few knots one week and points were awarded for how well they managed to tie up their Sixer. The skills gained were then put to good use to create some pioneering structures.
Road Safety was another badge achieved by most of the cubs at the beginning of the year. We had a look at some of the road signs and highlighted what to look out for when around roads and practised making an emergency call and what to do if they came across an accident.
As part of the Promise Challenge we looked at helping other people and doing
your best. A lot of parents at home would hopefully have benefited with beds being made, washing up being done and rooms being tidied as the cubs had a Helping at Home diary to keep. The question is, “Did it continue?”
They also found out about people that had done their best; Bear Grylls and Isambard Kingdom Brunel featured several times but there was also room for people as different as Edward Jenner and Lionel Messi. If you’re not sure who they are, I’ll leave you to Google them!
The term finished with a couple of wide games, a chance to get outside and run around in the woods but also being part of a team.
So, that’s an overview of the year. Plenty done and lots of badges gained. Thanks to everyone that has helped in any way but a special thank you to the cubs who make it all worth while!
Ian Akela




Wednesday Scouts


Wednesday Scouts had another busy year summer term and as always we started off with prep for summer camp. We spent a few nights covering knife axe and saw safety, fire lighting and dough twists. After camp we split into groups for kayaking and archery. We next brought our bikes in for maintenance, route planning, puncher repair and riding skills. The following week we took our bikes out for a ride. We ended the term with a BBQ and wide games which was dry this year!
After our summer holidays we started preparation for the Sodbury Challenge which involved the usual map reading and drop hikes. We managed to enter two teams both completing the challenge in 1st place and 3rd for the junior sections, very well done to the scouts that took part who proved the hard work paid off.
For Halloween we practiced our knife skills pumpkin carving, everyone produced a lantern which looked very impressive all together lit up. Hopefully they all survived as well as mine did to help frighten off the trick or treaters.
 After half term we worked on the Global and Creative Challenge badges, we were able to send aid to the Philippians, everyone brought clothes and food which was a fantastic effort I hope made a difference to many people affected by Typhoon Haiyan. We have made and raced origami frogs, carried out problem solving exercises, planned and performed sketches, built and tested water filters, designed badges and played a few new games.
As a break from the challenge badges we spent an evening learning about Thanks giving. Scouts played some traditional games, learnt facts about the celebration and were rewarded with traditional food, after they had hunted for Turkeys.
 After finishing the challenge badges we had a fun evening playing giant snakes and ladders, but with bush tucker forfeits. The scouts all braved most things we offered them to eat, even real roasted crickets! We ended the term with a trip to Cribbs Causeway Ice Skating.
We continued winter term on challenge badges which nearly everyone completed.
We had a great night planned by the PL’s and APL’s doing a trading game. Scouts started with a piece of string and had to “sell” knots to gain credit and buy other items to enable them to build bigger items to sell and also solve problems. The winning pair finishing with the most credit won a sweet prize. We then attempted once again to build Chinese lanterns which had varied success for all of the patrols. Well done to the young leaders whose lantern few the highest and furthest, we are definitely getting better.
We next celebrated shrove Tuesday with traditional pancake making, every scout made as many pancakes as they wanted with all the usual fillings. We also had a surprise visit from the Assistant District Commissioner for Scouts, who happens to be a chef, everyone impressed him with their cooking skills and we were all well fed.
For winter camp some scouts joined Thursday Troop for a weekend away at Fedw, Wales. The weather was very wet but despite this we managed to get out on the mountains and explore the local countryside.
Also this term we have been perfected our pioneering skills to build items for the Centenary camp. These included letters for the gateway constructed for the camp site and other camp gadgets. For our last week of term we are had an Easter Egg Orienteering exercise across the Ridings.
After the Centenary camp some scout went on Summer camp which was wet but good fun. This term we are doing Kayaking, shooting, Archery, Cycling and will finish off with Wide games and BBQ.
As always a big thank you to GSL Nick Cook, Group Chairman Stuart Wilsmore, Quartermaster Chris Marshall and Assistant Leaders, David, Ed, Young leader George.
Darren Williamson (Daz)
Scout Leader


Young Leaders


We decided to establish a group where the YL's could meet together and share ideas and augment the more formal training given by district. We have had a number of social events including a fun night bowling :-)
Dan Trickey is the groups newest YL and has been working extremely hard to complete 4 of the formal modules, only modules A & K are compulsory but the others cover the many elements of the programme.
If you would like to find out more about becoming a Young Leader then please get in touch, we have space in most sections. Our informal meetings will start again soon now that exams are over, we have been planning a kebab survey where we will be sampling the kebabs of Yate & Chipping Sodbury and marking them!!! We will also be camping at the beginning of July, please come along to find out more :-)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thursday Beavers



We have had a very jam packed programme since the last AGM.
We have all been working on getting our bronze challenge award and our activity badges. We have seen some fantastic badge work brought in by the beavers and I'm sure their families must love all the sewing.
We have sent beavers up to cubs but also welcomed lots of new beavers to Thursday that have settled in really well.
We took part in a very exciting district sleep over, where everyone was very brave and slept in a tent outside for the first time!
We also went to pets at home as well as hobby craft and Tesco's, we went on walks and the beavers (and leaders) favourite a chip hike.
The most exciting time the beavers have had this year according to them is the centenary camp in may. I would like to thank all the beavers again for being so well behaved and sensible for the whole weekend and you made me very proud.
Every one was very brave trying lots of new activity such as climbing, canoeing, archery and pioneering.

Also I would like to say a huge thank you to Nick Cook, Paula Betty and the parents and beavers that organised a guard of honour at mine and Callum’s wedding in may, I had no idea and it was lovely to see them there looking so smart. All our family and friends said that they are a lovely group of children and their parents should be proud of them.  

I'm sure the next 12 months will be just as exciting as the last.

Thank you to all you parents and Andy, Matt and Paula for all your hard work and effort in helping us to do what we do every week and supporting the beavers during trips and outings.

Thank you




Thursday Scouts



Wow another year gone!  So what have Thursday Scouts been up to?  Well after returning after the summer holidays we were straight into Sodbury Challenge training.  This involves a combination of learning how to read a map, practice hikes and getting lost.  As always the scouts did really well and hopefully learnt a lot?  During the challenge our three teams came 2nd, 4th and 5th  which is a brilliant result and well done to all who took part.

After the half term we started back doing the musician, model maker, master of arms and DIY proficiency badges.  Thursday night in the run up to Christmas was very interesting with a mix of music, model airplanes being thrown, shooting and hammering.  All in all a really good term.

In November we went off to Tintern for our annual Frost Camp.  Not massively cold this year.  Apart form charging around like maniacs the scouts collected sticks to make a camp gate and also cut saplings to make stathes.  The scouts had a great time and it was a brilliant camp.

After Christmas it was 2014, obvious I know but it was the start of our centenary, really quite exciting.  As a result of this our programme was focused around the centenary.  In the run up to the centenary camp itself we looked at activities from 1914, games, food (interesting), and what life was like 100 years ago.  I really hope the scouts got a wee flavour of what scouts were like 100 years.  We also had a few tasks to prepare for camp.  The scouts were tasked with building an assault course and a camp gate. The camp gate is no ordinary gate oh no.  The scouts collected sticks on the Frost Camp these were tied together to make the words ‘1 Chipping Sodbury’.  Once done they were then tied to rope the logs tied together to make legs and the whole thing erected.  Hopefully you saw it on camp if you were able to attend.  Also the scouts built the assault course for the cubs and beavers to play on.  This term the scouts have been amazing and doing knots and lashings and are amazing at these.  Well everything stood for the camp!

The Centenary Camp weekend itself was amazing.  The plaque unveiling at Hansons, the Scouts pulling the Trek cart, the parade, the plaque unveiling at the HQ and finally the camp.  Perfect weather and perfect scouts, did I really just say that?  I can’t thank the scouts enough for behaving so well and I really hope they had a great weekend?

As always a massive thanks to the scouts, it’s been an amazing year, but especially to the leaders Ben, Derek, Dan, Henry and Ethan for all your help, I’d be lost without your help or eaten by the scouts.

Paul Mugenyi SL



Friday Beavers


This year Friday Beavers are running with two warranted leaders and two young leaders.  We have also had help a rota of parent helpers who have been fantastic at stepping in to help with activities.
We have had another active year with a camp last summer in tents and an        indoor sleepover in cardboard box dens. The beavers have also enjoyed many outdoor activities including hikes in Lower Woods, Ridgewood and on Westerleigh common.
The beavers have worked towards a variety of challenge badges and other staged and activity badges including the global challenge, Friendship challenge and the promise challenge.  We are very pleased that the beavers have now got new badges to gain and we are already working towards two of them this term.

During the Autumn the beavers learnt about using their senses and what life can be like if one of our senses doesn’t work. They also found out about different countries around the world and had food tasting. We planted daffodil bulbs and during the spring we saw photos of how these had grown and had their growth recorded by the beavers at home. At Christmas our last evening was a Christmas dinner for all the beavers. What a great night, although hard work, it was enjoyed by all.

During the spring, we had a fantastic evening when Becky came to talk about her job as a vet. The beavers enjoyed Italian night, pancake cooking and a quiz night.

After Easter we visited Yate fire station and tried out the uniforms, fire alarm and the water hoses in the yard. There was a craft evening and a very wet and muddy walk in Lower Woods!

The highlight of the year has to be the  parade and camp.  It was just so good to see all the beavers visit the camp site, and then almost all take part in the weekend. All the beavers who took part gained new badges or sections towards badges. They all surprised themselves by doing things they didn’t think they could do and we are very proud of them all. Thank you to all Friday beaver parents who helped out over this event.
Our final event this year will be a “Bug” camp that is planned for the start of the school holiday in July.

Thank you to all the parents and beavers who make Friday a success.
Also thank you to Squirrel, Stag and Snake for working hard each week.
Sally Trickey BSL





Nike Explorer Scouts


With our return after the summer we went straight into Sodbury Challenge training.  We did a combination of in the hall map work and out on dump hikes or planned navigation to hone the Explorers’ skills.  This year the training must have work as outrTeam won!!  So a massive well done and thanks to those who took part.
After the half term we had a session of scuba diving.  The explores really enjoyed the experience and we are hoping to run this again.

In October we went to the Brecons for a long weekend’s camping.  Despite the weather forecasts for the end of the world we had really pleasant weather which was good considering we were camping.  We hiked up Cribyn, looked at a cave, wondered up to an old fort and looked round Brecon.  The Explorers were amazing and everyone had a brilliant time so a massive thanks to Ashley and George for organising this brilliant camp. We will definitely be having another camp October 2014. During this term the Explores organised their own programme and we were very impressed with the programmes they came up with.  All were brilliant and we are very impressed with the time and quality of the work they put in.  In particular Ben and Jack for a very informative remembrance presentation.

After Christmas we slowly prepared for the Centenary camp with a two week on and one week off approach to the programme.  So the Explorers learnt and fine tuned their lashing skills as they had to build a tower and a bridge at the camp site.  The Explorers were absolutely brilliant and focused well and worked very hard and both projects were a great success.  A special thank you goes to the Explores who turned up to a rain soaked site in the dark to dig the two trenches for the ground anchors.  The weather was appalling and we are so grateful for their help.

During the camp the Explorers were amazing and a very special thank you to all the Explores who help out despite this being a very busy time of the year for them.  I’m incredibly grateful for your help.

I’d also like to thank Jon and Paul for all their help over this past year, very much appreciated.

Simon Kilburn Bond
Nike Explorer Leader


Building Management Report


We had a ,maintenance day at the HQ back in April and had a good tidy up for the big day. Thanks to the few parents that did turn up. You help was really appreciated.
The Pre school continue to use the HQ 4 days a week and this helps with the major bills which should prevent the need for a subs increase this year.
If i could just remind people to not park in front of the fire exits and the garage door as these are used during the evenings and do cause problems if your car is in the way.
And finally, Lost and found clothing. There are still large amounts of it left at the HQ weekly and due to the hall hires it id moved from the coat hooks to the office. We can only keep this unclaimed stuff with no names so long and it is then either skipped or taken to the charity shop so please collect your stuff quickly. We only keep unclaimed stuff for 4 weeks.

Nick Cook (GSL)  





Gift Aid


If you would like to make an extra donation to the group please contact me so that we can ensure Gift Aid is claimed on the amount.  If you are a higher rate tax payer and need a statement of donations made to the scout group under Gift Aid please contact me. 

Please also note that when completing your self-assessment tax return, if you decide to donate to charity, all or part of any tax refund due to you, 1st Chipping Sodbury scout group is registered as one of the charities which can receive your refund.

Derek Forward (Gift Aid Co-ordinator) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.