1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group

1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group scouting in Chipping Sodbury, Yate & Wickwar since 1914

Annual General Meeting Report 2019

Group AGM 2019 - Friday 19th July 2019

This year's AGM took place at the Scout Hut on Friday 19th July at 7:30pm. The AGM Report is now available to view here via the link below

Chairman's Report

Welcome to the 1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group annual general meeting for 2019.
The agm is a forum where all group members and parents can meet with leaders and committee members find out how the group is being run and funded, and to ask any questions they may have.
After the short meeting each section will have a chance to hand out awards and badges to their members, then there will be a bbq and drinks and a chance for all the parents to have a chat with leaders and committee members.
It has been another good year for our group, I hope that you have seen the scroll reports that give an update on what each section have been up to during the year.
All sections have been making good use of our centenary field. Last year we were granted a change of use from agricultural to pleasure so this means that we can use the field as and when we want for scouting activities. We have also been granted planning permission to build a wooden storage unit in which we can keep some equipment and put in some composting toilet facilities. The concrete base has already been completed and we hope to construct the building over the summer.
We are very fortunate group in that we have a lot of camping and activity equipment, and we also operate 2 minibuses and a kit van. This does mean however that we are an expensive group to run. We have for last few years benefited from sponsorship by a local engineering company, this has now come to end and we have taken the decision that we should look for an increase in the subs this year, and this will be discussed during the agm.
I would like to thank all the leaders, assistants and exec members for their continued help and support without them our group would not continue to thrive.
Stuart Wilsmore
Group Chairman

GSL's Report

Welcome to our 105th AGM. This booklet contains the reports from the sections and is a brief outline of the groups activities over the year. After the great success of last two AGM’s we are repeating the format and hope you will be able to join us. As last year we will be having a BBQ afterwards.
We have just had a very successful beer festival again and we sold over £5K worth of food. Many thanks to the parents and Scouts / Explorers that helped at the event. We should see around £3K profit to help with group funds. Again we demonstrated to the community how well our young people and leaders can perform producing good food and organise well the carparking and litter picking. Well done to all involved.

Once again we've have had a great year with the group remaining full. We are starting to struggle for leaders now though and we are in desperate need of some Beaver and Scout leaders to boost our strength.
There is training available and we have a great team that just needs topping up with support. If the help is not forthcoming we may have to reduce the numbers in those sections further than we already have. Unfortunately we have child/adult ratios we must maintain. Its great fun and you can get a great deal of satisfaction as well as helping in your community.

We finally got planning on the camp site and we now have the base laid for the toilets and store and it will be built over the holidays.
The facility has been well used over the last year and is a good asset for the group to have.

OSM. Now most of you are set up on it you should be able to log in to keep things up to date, Change of address, email or phone No. It is also important to keep us updated on Medical info . The plus point of this is, we are notified when you have made changes, so this helps keep us up to date. Please use it! If you have not set your self up let me know and I will send you a link and you can then set up a user name and password for yourselves. Most of our emails will now come to you this way so please mark as not spam.

Finally as Stuart mentioned, after many years of sponsorship by PowerSystems we are now having to cover a lot more expense for our selves to include the Skip hire, Van maintenance and other building expenses. To this end I am proposing a 25 pence a week increase this September to try and cover some of the short fall hoping we may make up the rest in some form of fundraising. We are a very well equipped scout group and it saves us money in running events but has to be maintained and replaced at times.

Nick Cook GSL

Monday Cubs

The Hall End field (between Wickwar and Rangeworthy) has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for our Cubs to enjoy and we are frequent visitors. During the long hot Summer nights of 2018, we enjoyed water fights, archery and seemingly endless games of Chaotic Cricket (which resembles regular cricket only in that it involves cricket bats!). They lit fires, designed and cooked wonderous imaginative meals, a favourite being cooked breakfast in a loaf of bread. One of our leaders even built a pizza oven in which the Cubs concocted pizzas containing toppings you’ll never find on any Domino’s menu…thankfully.
We held our Summer Camp at Hall End where the Cubs lashed tripod structures under which they made swings. Later they draped tarpaulins over the tripods and in the sweltering summer weather, they slept under the stars.

The Autumn weather allowed us to enjoy wide games and hikes before participating in, for the first time, the Supreme Box Kart Championships held annually at the Goodwood motor racing circuit in Sussex. We borrowed a kart and competed with Cubs from all over the country, including from Northern Ireland, finishing in the top 16 which was a very creditable achievement for our debutants. We slept overnight in the hut belonging to the 1st Southbourne Sea Scouts, paddled in the sea and ate fish and chips. Unsurprisingly, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We are competing again in the 2019 event having spent the intervening period constructing our very own kart which is now almost complete.

At Christmas time, we made our annual visit to see the residents at Nuffield House sheltered accommodation in Filton, taking with us pomanders which Cubs had made for them. In return, the residents had to listen to the Cubs singing them carols. There really is no such thing as a free meal. In the New Year, we again visited the pantomime at Bath Theatre Royal where much chocolate was consumed, followed by a sleepover at Scout HQ. We celebrated Burns night where many of the Cubs tasted haggis for the very first time. That night, we all learned something new: Cubs l-o-v-e haggis!
Throughout the year, we’ve spent time learning about other cultures, their people, religions, art, language, places of interest and of course, food. The Cubs have cooked and eaten devoured curries, noodles, rice, pasta and prepared sushi.
In March we went on camp – under canvas – to Beaver Lodge at Lydney where the Cubs enjoyed river-hiking (which is the correct term used for Cubs walking up to their knees in a river and mud!), fire-lighting with flint and steel, practised skits for the campfire, prepared dinner together and cooked breakfast outside on a glorious weekend.
As the nights grew lighter and warmer, we have used our field more and more, for shelter building challenges, fire lighting, archery, cricket, trying out recipes for our Brazilian Summer camp and pitching tents.

Thanks to all that make this possible from the Leaders and Young Leaders you see every week to our Quartermaster, Chris and our ‘support crew’, Rowan, Stu and Nick. They not only help us maintain our kit, HQ and field, but find time to fit in archery sessions, advice and even put up the bird boxes made by the Cubs.
It's been a fantastic year and we’ve so much more planned for the year ahead.
PS Look who’s nesting in a birdbox made by the Cubs…
Sharon Cross

Tuesday Cubs

As another cub year draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at what we’ve done and review a few of the highlights. The number of weeks we have for cubs just doesn’t seem to be enough to fit it all in!

All the way back in September one of the first evenings we spent going around the world. There were a number of bases, each representing a country with various activities, including the tasting of new foods. The cubs travelled by aeroplane, of course, and had their passport stamped at each arrival. You’ve heard of Round the World in 80 days, well, this was Round the World in 80 minutes and back in time for bed.

Survival Island is a favourite when we do it every couple of years. In their sixes, the cubs were only allowed on their island (groundsheet) for the whole night. Each day they were given a challenge, e.g. make a shelter, fish for food and rest during the night. The days lasted about 10 minutes, lights out for night for a couple of minutes and then morning came again. One night it was very stormy and most got caught in the rain (shelters full of holes). The evening goes very quickly and definitely one we will do again some time.

Early on in the term, as part of the fitness bit for the Skills Challenge award, we had a dance night. Yes, that’s right, dancing, Zumba. We were lucky enough to have a couple of friends come and take the evening, well, can you imagine any of us leaders in our joggers and leggings
all very energetic. It was good fun and we only had one wear pink leg warmers!

In October our Scout Group hosted the District Scout Sodbury Challenge, a night hike involving visiting checkpoints. The cubs are able to enter a non-competitive team for experience and, this year, we walked in the region of 10 miles. It also provides a link to the Navigator badge, a staged badge, which we covered in a two week period either side of the Challenge.

Our new term after Christmas always begins with excitement; games received for Christmas still being played, back to school and seeing friends and, of course, back to cubs. The first meeting kicked off with some team games, getting to know new cubs and ticking off some of the Teamwork Challenge.

Almost straight away we had a sleepover. It’s a good opportunity for those that haven’t been away before to join in at the hut. We started off at the field with some activities for the Pioneer badge followed by cooking our lunch on fires, including the statutory marshmallows. Later we went for a walk before settling back at the hut for the evening where we played some games, did some craft and watched a film before getting to bed. On Sunday morning we completed the Pioneer badge before going home for lunch.

Every few years we take part in the RSPB Birdwatch, a weekend in January where people all over the country count the number of birds in their garden. The preceding Tuesday we looked at birds likely to be seen and sent them home with tick sheets. Usually I see lots of birds in my garden but on this particular weekend I think they’d all gone to see the cubs instead! All the numbers were collected and sent off to the RSPB as part of their BIG survey.

One of the main highlights has to be the fundraising we did for Toilet Twinning. We spent an evening talking toilets and learning about what it is like in some other countries. At the end the cubs wanted to do some fundraising and one of the suggestions was to run some stalls.
This turned into an evening where each cub designed their own stall and ran it on the evening. There was pin the necker on the cub, knock down the cans, shooting gallery, splat the rat, guess the teddy name, guess sweets in a jar, raffle and cake stall. The cubs were awesome and raised, with a donation, a massive £310. It will make a real difference.

This term we visited the fire station and had a great show of the things on the fire engine. I think the best bit for the cubs was having a go with the water hose.

Recently we went fire lighting at the field where the cubs lit the fires, cooked their own burgers and toasted marshmallows. It was at the end of a really wet day but the sun came out just in time for us to have a great evening.

And then there was our camp at the end of June. It was really hot all weekend and the water slide was an ideal way to cool down. The camp was based on a space theme and on Saturday night some of the cubs camped out in their own shelters on the moon. Other activities included finding parts so we could build our rockets before firing them to get us to the moon. Of course, we had to get back to Earth and on Sunday morning the cubs did a re-entry team exercise, wrapping an egg spaceship enough so it wouldn’t break when dropped from space. Good fun had by all.

There are several things I’ve missed out, we’ve packed so much in to this year but this will, no doubt, give you a flavour.

Thanks to all the leaders for their support and the cubs for so much fun!



Wednesday Scouts

We have had a bit of a change in Wednesday scouts since April and have new leaders but still busy doing lots of activities.
We started off the new term with some games so myself and the other new leaders could get to know the scouts and they could get to know us. We had lots of fun sticking cotton wool to our noses, trying to blow cups off tables with balloons and moving cans with nothing but pieces of spaghetti, lots of team work and problem solving had to be used to complete the tasks.
We then had a few weeks of camp prep as many of the scouts going on summer camp haven't been before so we had some practice at putting up patrol tents, lighting fires, knife, axe and saw training and even had a bit of map reading practice well trying to find some geocaches.
Summer camp was good fun even if it did rain, everyone helped with the cooking, collecting wood and setting up camp. We went on a few walks and managed to climb snowdon which everyone was very proud of themselves for, it was hard but everyone did it. We also went to the Welsh slate museum and learnt about where it comes from, how it was mined and what it's used for.
We joined Thursday beavers on a trip to RAF Cosford where we learnt about lots of different aircrafts, what they are used for, how they fly, what's aerodynamics and lots of other information, we had also had a go on the red arrow simulator.
This last term we have been practicing our archery and air rifle shooting at the field as well as making some bottle rockets with resulted in us getting very very wet.
Thanks to Stu and Simon for all the support whilst Mike, Chris and myself settle in.
We have a list of activities that the scouts would like to have a go at so I feel the next year will be just as busy as this one.
Hazel Kirkham
Wednesday Scout Leader

Thursday Beavers

It's been yet another busy year in Thursday beavers, we have been working hard on lots of badges.
We have had our usual Halloween party where everyone dressed up we played lots of games and had cake.
Remembrance Sunday saw a fantastic turn out with everyone looking really smart in their uniforms for the parade. Well done.
December was all about Christmas obviously, cards, glitter, games and our Christmas party, where we had santa himself come to remind all the beavers to be extra good and to go to bed early on Christmas eve, he also had a gift for each of them for being good boys and girls.
Early this year saw lots of cooking, fruit kabab making and cakes being made. We also celebrated different cultures and learnt about beavers in other countries.
We had a few weeks learning all about camping. We practiced putting up tents, what to pack in a rucksack, emergency aid and making pictures out of natural materials, to finish off our badge work we went on an adventure to Swansea to stay for the weekend where we put up our own tents, had a go at archery and crate stacking, started fires to cook our own lunch and had lots of fun in the super muddy assault course.
We also was working on our Air activities badge.
We made lots of different aeroplanes to see which flew the best, we had a go at making parachutes, we all spoke about our own experiences of going on planes, planes we found out about and spoke to people that have flown them. To finish our badge we went to RAF Cosford and spent the day learning about lots of aircrafts, aerodynamics, how planes fly and had a go in the simulator.
Its been a busy year so sorry for all the sewing of badges you have to do.
Thank you to all the support from the leaders and young leaders that help me week to week and we are already planning more exciting activities and adventures for this year.
Hazel Kirkham.
Beaver Scout Leader

Nike Explorers

We continue to grow! We have erupted from 9 to 22 over this year. Activities have ranged from more normal scouting activities to recording our own version of Love Island! In October we participated in the Sodbury Challenge and were thrown off course by the 4am mutant ninja sheep. I agree the red eyes were very off putting!! In November 3 members started training for the 10 Tors which saw many weekends and evenings given over to rainy muddy walks through the countryside, culminating in 2 participating in a wonderful event in May. WELL DONE!
December saw the Explorers successfully host the Christmas meal for leaders, partners and invited guests. January saw us trying to organise our own weekend events including canal boating and survival camp for later in the year. A weekend in Brecon saw members helping younger scouts to enjoy a weekend of winter walking. We have 10 members actively working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards through the unit and many more working with schools. We now have a waiting list of willing volunteers to help at the younger sections.

This year 5 members have been awarded their Platinum Chief Scout Awards. It has been great to see the Explorers put in the hard work and dedication that it takes to achieve this and I hope seeing 5 of their peers achieve this award will inspire more.

Unfortunately, we continue to get very little uptake on week long camps and only had one attend scout summer camp and are only sending one to camp in the summer holidays. It is difficult to find out why this is the case but we will continue to try.

At Easter we said a farewell to Hazel after just under 2 years helping us, we still hope that she will be back with us soon but for now she is looking after Wednesday Scouts and seems to be having fun ☹

Our last week this term will be a trip to Weston beach for games and fish n chips! The infamous cycling chip shop challenge was all just too much to try and recreate!!

See you in September 😊

Explorer Scout Leader

Friday Beavers

Friday Beavers currently have three adult leaders and a young leader, Fox. We have also have lots of help from parent helpers who are fantastic at stepping in to help with activities.

We have had another active year with two indoor sleepovers. The beavers have also enjoyed many outdoor activities including hikes, trails, den building, stargazing, creative activities and wide games in Lower Woods, Wickwar playing fields, Chipping Sodbury High Street, Ridgewood and on The Ridings.
The beavers have worked towards a variety of challenge badges and other staged and activity badges including Global issues, disability, community impact, health and fitness, creative, collectors and animal friend. Alongside all these, they have completed challenge badges and parts of many other badges. Four beavers gained their Chief Scout awards.

During the autumn, the beavers worked towards their disability badge and global issues. We made water filters to see how easy it is to produce cleaner water. During this term we had evenings on fitness which culminated with a great circuit training evening with a friend of Deer’s who came to instruct us all. Everyone was very smart and did the group proud at Armistice Day parade. Finally at Christmas we had a Christmas window display quiz in the High street.

During the spring term, we worked towards many areas of challenge badges. Highlights include soup making, panning for gold, making wigwams, making water travel, and an Irish evening. We also visited Pets@Home to find out about animal care. The beavers loved writing messages and drawing on the fish tanks!

Since Easter, we have had a scooter evening, been geo-caching on the Ridings, played wide games, made outfits from newspaper and been mad scientists. We had to postpone an evening in Lower woods due to rain, but have since been there and built fantastic dens with leaders and parents.

We are looking forward to September when we hope to have some outside sessions to start the autumn term off and meet some new Beavers.

Thank you to all the parents and beavers who help make Friday a success.

Also, thank you to Squirrel and Deer for working hard each week and Snake when he is around. In addition, a special mention to Will (Hawk) from explorers, Lily and Adam (Fox) who joined us for six months to complete their Duke of Edinburgh service. Thank you to all of you. We are also very pleased that Fox is still with us as a Young Leader.


Sally Trickey BSL