1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group

1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group scouting in Chipping Sodbury, Yate & Wickwar since 1914

Organisation of the Group

To enable your son or daughter to benefit from the opportunity of scouting they need a large amount of support both individually and through your involvement with the Group.

The Group Scout Leader ( GSL ) is responsible for the overall running of the Group, support of individual leaders and standards.

The Individuals who run the sections, undertake a structured leader training programme. The commitment in time and energy is great, but the personal satisfaction and enjoyment compensates. To function each section needs a number of leaders, and we are always pleased of help in either uniformed or non-uniformed capacity.

Each year the Group holds an Annual General Meeting which parents are expected to attend. Notification of time and date are given in good time. The group also publishes its termly news letter, (The Scroll) and has a good web site full of information and up to date news on future events, reports on past events and valuable links to other scouting information.

1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group is one of the strongest in the District and offers your child more opportunities through Scouting than most groups. The strength and opportunities comes through the support of many people in the past and the commitment of many people now.

For your child and all the other members of the Group, both current and future, to continue to have these opportunities we need your support NOW.

All members of the Group will appreciate your help; you in return will make new friends, socialise and enjoy yourself.

You may have a particular skill that would be useful. A hobby you could introduce to the members or perhaps you could help with fund-raising or building maintenance? However great or small the contribution you can make, we want to hear from you. Please complete the enrolment form and we hope you will also be able to sign the covenant form.