1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group

1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group scouting in Chipping Sodbury, Yate & Wickwar since 1914

History 5


January 9th

Troop formed Guard of Honour at wedding of Miss J. Burges, A.S.M.

Newspaper cuttings:

Captain M. J. H. Bruce and Miss Burges

A marriage has been arranged, and will take place in January, between Captain M. J. H. Bruce, Army Service Corps, and Mary Joyce, elder daughter of Colonel and Mrs. W. E. P. Burges, of The Ridge, Chipping Sodbury

The Boy Scouts of Yate and Chipping Sodbury and the Chipping Sodbury Guides formed a guard of honour by lining the pathway from the road to the church porch, and during the ceremony thay sat in the church
January Obtained cottage in Horse Street as Clubroom
April 14th

A JUMBLE SALE will be held in the National Schools, Chipping Sodbury, on Saturday, APRIL 14th, 1917 in aid of the Y.M.C.A. Huts at the Front, and the funds of the 1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Troop

(Over £23 was realised.)

Whit Monday

On WHIT MONDAY, May 28th, 1917 the 1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Troop are having a GRAND DISPLAY, Competitions and Sports, to be held on The Ridings, beginning at 2-30 p.m.


The programme will be as follows:

1. Signalling Competition

2. Trek Cart Competition

3. Relay Race in Patrols

4. High Jump with Scout staff

5. Slow Bicycle Race

6. Leap-Frog Race in Patrols

7. Flat Race (200 yrds) 14 yrs and over.

8. Long Jump with Scout Staff

9. Flat Race (200 yrds) under 14

10. Three-Legged Race

11. Cyclist message Race

12. Wolf Cubs Race (100 yrds)


Distribution of Prizes


June F. Long appointed Secretary to Court of Honour

July 31st to

August 5th

CAMP at COOMBE, nr. Wotton-U-Edge.

Rained every day; camped in sheds near lake.

(next to this there is a small stamp with the motto,

"A Scout smiles and whistles")

August 7th Scout W. Hill (Peewits) went on Coast-Watching Duty, to West Bay, Dorset; temporally transferred to Sea Scouts.

Scout W. S. Comply (Peacocks) went on Coastwatching Duty to Osmington, Dorset, as Sea Scout.

E. & C. Morgan went to Newhaven
Coast Watching



(Arrangements planned by Second F. Phelps)

"A list of the names and addresses of Scouts under instructions to Parade at Chipping Sodbury Police Station in case of emergency, and there await orders."

Attached is a letter from the Gloucestershire Constabulary :

"Volunteer Warning Arrangements at Night."

"At stations where the Police will be in telephonic connection with the Central Authority......a list should be made, to be kept up-to-date by the Scout Authority, of the members of the Troop who are sufficiently accessible, have bicycles, and are able and willing to do the duties required."

"Directly the emergency arises, The Head Constable at the Station will warn the Scoutmaster...The Scoutmaster will immediately call out the Scouts on the Service List who will parade at the Police Station with all practicable despatch and will receive severally the "Orders" they have to deliver to the Volunteer Officers (writing)..."

"Yours very truly, M.W. Colchester-Wemyss, Acting Chief Constable"

(The first name on the list is F. Phelps; his address is listed as Police Station, Chipping Sodbury)

December 1917

Social Evening at Town Hall - attended by Scout's parents and friends.

Inspection by S. M. Sgt. J. Herald (Air Force).

Songs, Play, etc; boxing. 12 Scouts were passed for "Entertainer" badge.

Distribution of badges. Award of Patrol Challenge Shield to "PEE-WIT" Patrol.