1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group

1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group scouting in Chipping Sodbury, Yate & Wickwar since 1914

History 4

April 28th

and 29th

Scout Concert in YATE in aid of funds for expenses of going to Gloucester rally, including a repeat performance of "The Quest of the Three Brothers"

June 24th to


Court of Honour weekend camp at ALDERLEY
July 10th W. Trotman (P.L.) awarded 1st Class Badge
July 15th

Scouting game in Badminton Park, won by 1st Chipping Sodbury Troop, against 1st Badminton. Tea at Badminton House, by invitation of the Duchess of Beaufort

Formation of new Patrol - "SEAGULL".  S.Stock elected as Patrol Leader

July 22nd


July 23rd

RALLY in BRISTOL (Ashton Park)


Attended by W. Trotman, P. Stallard, E. Morgan and S. Stock

July 29th Performance of "JOAN of ARC" by girls of Citizen House Club, BATH. Miss J. Burges took Seconds - F. Long, R. Cryer, F. Phelps and M. Stallard


Warrant issued to Miss Joyce Burges as ASSISTANT SCOUTMASTER

August 10th

Scoutmaster O. Burges left for FRANCE to work at the Mercer's Arms Scout Hut near Calais


  From "Headquarters Gazette", April 1916:

A typical day in a Scout Hut at the Front

AUGUST 14th to



Wood Pigeons :-

W. Trotman bought & posted to Scout Hut in France, picture papers every week. M. Stallard passed Signalling Test for 1st Class badge.

F. Colwill passed 1st aid test for 2nd Class badge.

C. Morgan worked for 1st Class Signalling & Pathfinder badge.

Peacocks :- 
P. Stallard passed 1st Class Tests, & won 1st Class badge; worked for & passed for:- Naturalist, Signaller, Cook, Bugler, Pathfinder & Gardner badges - Awarded All-Round-Cords, and KING'S SCOUT BADGE.

R.Richings won Cyclist badge. S.Comley passed in:- Journey, Cooking, Carpentry, Swimming, Savings Bank tests for 1st Class badge. Won Cook and Pathfinder badges. S. Turner passed all tests for 2nd Class badge.

Peewits :-

H. Trotman worked up and passed in Pathfinder badge. W. Hill passed in Cooking for 1st Class badge. Won Signaller and Pathfinder badges. W. Alway passed in Fire-lighting and cooking for 2nd Class badge. F. Bees won WAR SERVICE BADGE, by doing voluntary work at Horton Red Cross Hospital for 28 days consecutively. Passed in Signalling, Journey, Cooking  for 1st Class badge. Won Cook and Pathfinder badges.

Seagulls :-

S. Stock won Gardner badge. A. Paul won Gardner badge. M. Harford won WAR SERVICE BADGE, by 28 days voluntary work at Horton Red Cross Hospital. Passed Swimming, Signalling and Journey for 1st Class.

T. Short passed all 2nd Class tests.


(Troop in charge of Miss Joyce Burges during this time.)