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Gift Aid

What is the Gift Aid Scheme?
A Gift Aid Declaration enables charities, e.g. 1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group, to claim back from the Inland Revenue the tax members have already paid on their subscriptions and capitation fees.
How much does it cost parents?
NOTHING! In fact, if you are a higher rate taxpayer you are entitled to a small rebate yourself!
Is there any reason why I should not sign a Gift Aid Declaration?
NO! unless you do not pay any income tax or capital gains tax. ALL taxpayers SHOULD sign a Gift Aid Declaration. PLEASE GET A FORM AND SIGN IT NOW. You don't need to get your signature witnessed, you don't need to tell us any details of your income and the deed can be cancelled by you at any time.
How much is signing the form worth to the Group?
If every parent signed a Gift Aid Declaration, the Group can reclaim over £2,000 a Year.
Can I make A One Off Donation to the Group?
If you are considering making a monetary donation, in addition to Subscriptions and Capitations, we can also claim Gift Aid on your donation. Please contact the Gift Aid Secretary if you are planning to make a donation.
What if I am a Higher Rate Tax Payer?
You can ask the Gift Aid Secretary for a statement of how much you have donated, so that you can claim the higher rate difference on your annual tax return.
Can I donate part of my Income Tax Refund to the Group?
When you complete your annual tax return, you may find that you have a refund due to you. One option is now to give some or all of your refund to a charity. Should you chose this option 1st Chipping Sodbury Scout Group is registered with this Inland Revenue scheme under charity code RAA16WG.
Who can parents contact if they have further questions?
The Group's Gift Aid Secretary is Steve Melling
Gift Aid Form
Gift Aid Forms also available from the Gift Aid Notice board in the scout hut

Registered Charity Number: 1029283